Vancouver Microblading Eyebrows for Men

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Microblading eyebrows for men are just as important as they are to women. They frame your face and give lift to the rest of your facial features. The semi-permanent Microblading male tattoo eyebrow technique can do wonders for the brow; whether you need your gaps filled, sparse brows restored or you simply want to create a more defined shape for your brow. It can result in the most natural brow to enhance your looks that nobody can detect.

Brenda, Microblading Eyebrows Vancouver

Portfolio - All work done by B for Brows

Most Popular Questions

  • What is microblading Eyebrows?
  • Do you use single-use sterilized needles?

    Yes, Yes and YES! Your safety is VERY important to me. While working as a Certified Dental Assistant for 2 years, it is very important to understand the proper steps to reduce risk of blood borne pathogens. I know how to properly sanitize, disinfect and sterilize my tools and working area. A new individually packaged needle will be opened in front of you so you know what we’re using is one-time use only. After each appointment, all sundries (gauze, cotton swabs etc.) will be disposed of and any equipment used will be properly sanitized and sterilized using medical grade solutions. All CRITICAL items such as sharps will be disposed properly into a sharps box. My humble studio is always kept neat and tidy and can calm you while we craft your amazing eyebrows! You’re in good hands :)

  • Does Microblading hurt?

    Your comfort is number one. We will be using high-quality numbing cream before and during the microblading process to make the session smooth for you. Everyone has different pain tolerance and some people are more sensitive than others. Many say it feels like tiny scratches and is painless. With that being said, I've had some clients that were comfortable enough to fall asleep during the process.

  • Will Microblading work for me?

    Microblading will work for most people that are 18+. However if you have the following skin / health conditions it may not be an option for you:

    • Severe acne
    • Moles in the procedure area
    • Keratosis
    • Keloid scarring
    • Facial psoriasis or eczema
    • Excessive oily skin
    • Blood disorders
    • Heart issues
    • Diabetic
    • Undergoing chemotherapy
    • Sick ( such as the cold and flu - will effect healing)
    In general, the hair stroke effect will be more clear on those with dry skin (strokes are sharp) vs someone with oily skin (strokes are softer).

    As a safety precaution, microblading will NOT be performed on those that are pregnant.
  • Can you help correct my uneven eyebrows?

    It's very normal for our natural eyebrows to be uneven. A good percentage of my clients all come in with some unevenness. I will be using several techniques (such as the Golden Ratio) to help you create balance and harmony so your dream eyebrows will appear even.

  • How long does my microbladed eyebrows last?

    It will vary between person to person based on body chemistry and how well you take care of it. Sun exposure and smoking is a major cause that can shorten the lifespan of your eyebrow tattoo. A good tip if you want your eyebrows to last longer is to apply sunscreen on your brows. I highly recommend that you follow the detailed aftercare instructions on how to maintain your eyebrow tattoo. Overall, you can expect it to last anywhere from 1-3 years.

  • How long does it take to get my eyebrows microbladed?

    The initial microblading session is approximately 1 - 1.5 hours. This includes the consultation, measuring and crafting your dream eyebrows, and plenty of fun with me. The first complimentary touch up session (highly recommended) will be faster because we already have the shape from the initial session :)

  • How do I care for my new tattooed eyebrows?

    It’s pretty simple. No water, sweat, or anything to the eyebrows EXCEPT the ointment that I will be giving you. You’ll develop creative skills on how to keep your brows free of water when you’re showering or washing your face - I can’t wait to hear all about your ninja skills. Also, keep the brows away from the sun during the healing stage (approximately 10 days). It’ll be tempting so DO NOT scratch your eyebrows off - let it heal properly. You will be getting thorough After Care information to take home. See an example of the healing process and what to expect HERE.

  • How often do I need a touch up?

    With each initial brow appointment, you will receive one free touch up session (booked within 6-8 weeks of initial session). Any additional touch ups will have a fee (even if you only need a tiny hair stroke fill in – simply because there is time, supplies, proper set up and clean up after every single client involved). If you want to maintain your brows, just come back once a year for a touch up! Please refer to the pricing page for more details.

  • How's the Healing Process?
  • Will you be shaving my eyebrows off?

    No. You can be rest assured that we will NOT be doing any shaving. The entire eyebrows do not need to be removed during this procedure. You get to keep your original hairs :)

  • What do I need to prepare before the session?

    Feel free to come in with your brows filled in so I have an idea of how you usually do it. If you like a certain eyebrow shape, bring in a photo and show me.

    Avoid taking any blood thinners (aspirin, vitamin E, ibuprofen and fish oil supplements) 72 hours before coming in.
    Do not consume alcohol before or day of session
    If you used Accutane, you'll have to be off that for 6 months before coming in
    Avoid sun tanning 2 weeks before and after your procedure

    Tip: I recommend washing your hair before coming in because it will be a little challenging to do so after since you will have to keep your brows away from water during the healing process.

  • Can I bring a friend to the appointment?

    No. My studio is very humble and can only fit just you comfortably. An extra person in the room can be very distracting for me, I would love to just focus all my energy and perfect your eyebrows! Your friend can set an appointment and come next time if she would like to get her eyebrows done with me :)