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B for Brows Microblading Reviews

June (Vancouver, BC) - "After she was done mapping, we discussed any changes to shape/length/arch that would better suit my taste."
Hollie (Bellingham, USA) - "I had been looking into microblading my eyebrows for over a year, and after looking through tons of other places and technicians, going forward with Brenda was one of the best beauty decisions I've ever made!"
Isabelle (Coquitlam, BC) - "B definitely takes her time and makes sure she gets them done right!"
Michelle (Burnaby, BC) - "I wake up every morning with one less thing to do. You've saved my brows no doubt about it!"
Jae (Vancouver, BC) - " Pain wise, it actually wasn't as bad as I initially believed. I was at ease and very comfortable throughout the whole thing"

As someone that is quite active and doesn't do makeup except for formal events, I was hesitant about the microblading procedure. I've seen your typical permanent eyebrows, and was absolutely terrified of a similar outcome. Also, I don't have a single tattoo; the idea of blades/needles that close to my face is somewhat unnerving. Microblading appealed to me because of its natural result and because it is semi-permanent (just in case things didn't work out!). That being said, the service is pleasantly surprising as it came through on its promise of natural, fuller eyebrows (something that, as most Asian women can understand, is somewhat of a dream unless you can afford both eyebrow products and the time to apply the product). Additionally, Brenda is a wonderful technician. She's accommodating in terms of appointment times and comfort level, and most importantly, she listens to you when you tell her what you want (which, for me, was very vague because I am so inexperienced with the world of makeup/beauty/etc.).

Yes, the service requires a certain amount of trust; in my case, a lot of trust. I walked in, told Brenda that I wanted even, fuller, more defined brows, because I was sick of looking younger/being treated as a kid just because I don't wear makeup on a daily basis (unfortunately, natural makeup has become a bit of a professionalism standard). That, and also because whenever I tried to get my eyebrows done (waxed/threaded/whatever), I basically looked the same as when I came in. I didn't bring any pictures, nor did I have any brow makeup on, so I commend Brenda on how much work she did with so little direction from yours truly. She took a few pictures, explained very thoroughly the process, and went to work. I honestly could not explain her entire process in how she FOUND my eyebrows, but she did so with some fancy looking tools, feeling my brow bone and outlining the shape before starting the actual tattoo.

Aftercare is very easy because Brenda hands out a special kind of ointment and a page of instructions. She also replies to messages VERY quickly, and so when I was freaking out about minor flaking, I sent her pictures and she reassured me that everything was normal. I recently went in for my touch-up, and didn't end up getting any more work done because I healed so well. Of course, this is going to be different for everyone, but I was very diligent with the aftercare rules: that and luck is how I came out with such great results! Be forewarned that for the 10 days after the procedure, you'll have very dark brows and that they'll most likely be shiny (because of the ointment that you apply to them). It's a small sacrifice for 1-3 years of beautiful brows!

I'm so happy with the results, and could not have imagined a better outcome from this leap of faith. I get constant compliments about my eyebrows, and people are always, very surprised IF I tell them that I don't have any makeup on. I'm sure that if you fill in your brows on a daily basis, you'll save a ton of time in the morning. My schedule hasn't changed, but I do look more awake and sharper as soon as I get up, which is wonderful for work/school/anything really.

Speaking as someone who is very green to the beauty world, I'm glad that I put my trust in Brenda! I'm eternally grateful!

Sophia, Vancouver